Champagne Drum Logo
Where are you located?
Friendly Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Is aluminum strong and scratch resistant?
Yes, aluminum is strong but some care must be taken as scuffs can appear.
Do you ship everywhere?
Yes, all over the world.
How much will shipping cost?
It depends on weight and size. For example, a small order of lugs will usually cost $10. A pair of hoops will usually be around $18. Outside of North America will be higher.
How do I place an order?
Contact me via email and I will quickly quote you a price with shipping. I accept paypal or money order.
What details about my build do you need to know?
Any specifics such as shell type and hardware choices would be helpful to ensure you get the correct items and proper mounting hardware.
When will my order be ready?
My items are largely built by hand one at a time and most orders leave in 10-14 days.
How long will shipping take?
Most orders will arrive 7-14 days after shipping but delays can occur at the border. I always provide a tracking number if possible.
What sized hole do I drill to mount the lugs?
5/32" and thread the mounting screw through the shell for a rigid mounting point.
Are full length lugs available?
Yes, contact me for a quote.
Do you offer a warranty?
I encourage buyers to contact me with any concerns. Most can be solved with a simple response. I want your project to look good and for you to be satisfied. I'm here after a sale to help with that.